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EYE welcomes you in the Netherlands!

Mark your agenda, EYE@Eindhoven19 is coming up! We look forward to welcoming you to Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from 10-12 May 2019 for the 25th anniversary of EYE. Eindhoven is a city in the south of the Netherlands. Known for being a technology and design hub, Eindhoven is the perfect spot for another great edition of a European Young Engineers conference.

To give you the opportunity to get to know typical Dutch engineering we provide you with 3 tracks for this conference.


10. – 12. May 2019

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What will a truck in 2050 look like? What features will it have?
Get a sneak peak of the automotive future with our automotive track!

Dutch people have water in their genes, being their friend and foe.
Learn more about this special relationship and the dutch art of water management.

High tech made in the Netherlands –  high  complexity  systems  that  achieve  high  end  performance.
Sign up for the high tech track to learn more!
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Find out more about Eindhoven on www.thisiseindhoven.com and learn about the variety of activities this city has to offer.


Water management

High Tech


Over 200 trucks per day are manufactured in Eindhoven, the Netherlands has a strong innovative automotive industry. For this track the exploration day will be held at the headquarters and main production plant of DAF Trucks! This central question for this track will be, the truck of 2050. How will it look like? What features will it have? How will it impact our society?

Dutch people have water in their genes, being their friend and foe. Having three major rivers (the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt) running through our country and relatively long coastline (Wadden sea/North Sea) the Netherlands is connected to water everywhere you look. Due to this landscape the Dutch are well know for our water management skills. Some of the world’s best engineering firms in the field of dredging, land reclamation, coastal engineering and other water technology areas can be found in the Netherlands. For the exploration day one of these leading companies will be visited.

It is remarkable that Dutch companies past years have been able to compete globally in manufacturing despite high costs due to extensive regulations, labour and facilities. One of the reasons why can be found in high tech industry around Eindhoven. To differentiate on the global market manufacturing companies have focused on the volatile development and flexible production of high complexity systems that achieve high end performance. Thanks to an ecosystem raised on the foundations of the former Philips imperium tremendous economic growth has taken place and is still going strong. Subscribe to the High Tech track to find out all about it!

The preliminary agenda below will give you an overview of the planned activities. It is subject to frequent changes while we confirm specific workshops and speakers.


Friday – Exploration Day

“Explore society shaping industries, improve your knowledge”

  • Registration
  • Track excursions
  • Onsite sessions
  • Get-together drinks

Saturday – Development Day

“Think about the future society, improve your skills”

  • Opening ceremony
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Young KIVI meetup
  • Council Meeting
  • Gala Dinner

Sunday – Cultural Day

“Enjoy society of today”

  • Closing Ceremony
  • Optional: Cultural programme
  • Optional: Work groups

Premium package

  • conference participation
  • track excursions transportation
  • lunch during the conference days
  • Gala Dinner on Saturday
  • 2 hotel nights (shared room, incl. Breakfast)

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no member: 249€ (**)

Basic package

  • conference participation
  • track excursions transportation
  • lunch during the conference days
  • Gala Dinner on Saturday

Regular price Basic Ticket

member: 125€ (*)

no member: 175€ (**)

* Member of the EYE member organizations. An extensive list can be found here. Proof of membership will be required.

** No member of any EYE member organization or EYE itself. Contact your national engineering association to become a member!


AG  Zaalverhuur Eindhoven

Parklaan 93

5613 BC Eindhoven




Holiday Inn Eindhoven

Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 1

5612 BA Eindhoven




Arrival by plane

Within central Europe you can comfortably travel to Eindhoven by train.

If your home country is further away, you can fly to one of the shown airports by plane and take the train to Eindhoven.

The following train connections are available:

Schiphol Airport (Netherlands) – Eindhoven: ~ 1h 30 min

Dusseldorf Airport (Germany) – Eindhoven: ~ 2h

Brussels Airport (Belgium) – Eindhoven: ~ 2h

Tickets can be purchased on the homepage of the Dutch or German Railways.
Another possibility to travel to Eindhoven is to get on a coach like Flixbus.

The conference EYE@Eindhoven 2019 still has to announce the sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Event please get in touch with the conference organisers.

Karsten Hoekzema


Toon Lamers


Leon Jetten


Merlijn Chardon


Jorrit de Vries


Chris Waters


Frederik Schulze Spüntrup


Victoria Fiebach



The EYE@Eindhoven 2019 conference is organized by the Young KIVI Engineers and the Task Force of the European Young Engineers. It is financed entirely via the non-profit organisation European Young Engineers MTÜ (registered in Estonia). The program of the conference is subject to changes. In case of unforeseen circumstances (breach of sponsorship contracts or insufficient registrations) will be canceled and the ticket fee will be refunded (reduced by the transaction costs).

Report about EYE@Sofia 2018

August 4, 2018 by Paula Weidinger0

By Nadia Lemssouguer (FI)

No matter where we come from, no matter who we represent, a discussion about the idea was there. A discussion about the point of view, about the practices in the different engineering associations in Europe. This is true diversity. This is Europe.

The topic of the conference held in Sofia from 18 to 20 May was “sustainable engineering”. Not only the technical aspects of sustainable development were discussed, but also various other topics such as diversity and communication!

I, Nadia Lemssouguer, represent(ed) l’Association Femmes Ingénieurs – the French Women Engineers Association.

In the beginning, we had an opening speech given by the Bulgarian Minister of Education, a warm and meaningful speech. A Bulgarian Professor also enlightened us by his speech about the development of sustainable engineering in Europe.

For a french version of this article, see below.


Nadia Lemssouguer introducing the work of Femmes Ingenieures.

As a second key note, Rhys Phillips, speaker and bearer of ideas and working at AIRBUS, told us about gender diversity and its engineering approach at AIRBUS. Thanks to scientific results, processes and research conducted by a special AIRBUS team, he has shown us that:

  • A woman has her place in the engineering profession, which we are part of nowadays.
  • Two visions, female and male, are necessary for the development of companies and societies.

I also discussed this subject with other women (Germans, Bulgars, Irishmen, Dutchmen, Danes, Swedes…). The observant ion is the same everywhere: we are a minority in all engineering sectors such as digital/IT, civil engineering etc. I also approached the subject with men who have shown an awareness by encouraging this diversity with a lot of will!

From the aforementioned report it can be seen that much work remains to be done to promote women in scientific fields and in engineering in particular. The good news is that both halves of the society are aware of it! So let’s continue the path of change together!

Conference participants at SPESIMA.

We also had the opportunity to visit Bulgarian companies. For my part, I visited the company SPESIMA GmbH specialist automation systems. Being an engineer specialised in the digital sector, it was very interesting for me to learn more about the field of mechanics and automation.

The next morning, we had interesting workshops; each participant chose a workshop from the programme. I, myself, chose that of Rhys Phillips. He explained us how to give a speech in a way to convince the audience, and the importance of emotions at this point.

In the afternoon, the Bulgarian Minister of Education gave an open conference. I greet a sentence of her response to a question I asked about the promotion of diversity in Bulgaria: “we endorse that the choice of science is a personal choice of each girl regardless of stereotypes”. To favour personal choice is to break down the barriers of the feminine condition or the stereotypes conveyed, thus, leaving the woman free to choose, particularly to choose to be an engineer or a scientist. The discussion ended with a warm handshake.


It goes without saying that there were also festivities at the conference! The engineering community is reputable, but it knows how to take pleasure at the right moment! We were invited by the FNTS to a gala evening and enjoyed beautiful Bulgarian dances. We also discovered Bulgarian cuisine… yum! We all danced and had fun!

At the National History Museum of Bulgaria.

On the third day, Kremena Dedelyanova, the organizer of this event, and her team enabled us to discover the National History Museum of Bulgaria…. A museum that carries the history of this beautiful country; a mark of evolution and open-mindedness of this land that has seen several civilizations pass.

I am a woman and I did a part of my scientific studies in Morocco before I moved to France to continue my engineering studies. At this conference, I represented France via l’Association Femme Ingénieurs.

Today, I leave Sofia with a wealth of acquaintances from all over Europe (Germany, Bulgaria, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Hungary)!

I leave Sofia with the conviction that Europe is a wonderful institution for talent and hopes for continuity. That respect between people is based on intelligent exchange.

And, moreover, I leave Sofia with great hope for the future of Europe in the hands of these engineers, these intelligent and human people!

This is a beautiful story of exchange, humanism and collective intelligence, isn’t it?

EYE Council Members during the Council Meeting.

I wish EYE all the best. It is an association that goes beyond the technical aspect of our business. EYE aims to connect people, create human connections, create a collective intelligence, which allows our education to all: women and men, male and female engineers.

Thank you, Isabelle, Frederik, Victoria, Paula, Pervin, Rhys, Mariska, Kremena, Chris, Mette, Bozo, Nadia, Krassi … the list is long and filled with people who allowed me to spend these good times and feed my spirit as a Woman and Engineer.

Next EYE conference: 4-7 October 2018 in Malta!




About the author

Nadia Lemssouguer – the author of this article.

I, Nadia LEMSSOUGUER, graduated from an engineering school in France (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de CAEN) with a specialization in Payment & Security Area, I have worked for 10 years within different organizations as Project Manager.

I love humanity and believe that the greatest success is to share knowledge and help others succeed in their projects. We grow up when we help others growing up, and we learn when we teach and share our knowledge !

This is why I’m completely engaged as volunteer within FI organization and EYE.




Rapport sur EYE @ Sofia 2018

Par Nadia Lemssouguer

Peu importe d’où nous venons, peu importe qui nous représentons, un débat d’idée était présent. Un débat de point de vue, de manières de faire dans les différentes associations d’ingénieurs en Europe. Cela est la vraie diversité. Cela est l’Europe.

Entrance to the conference EYE@Sofia 2018.

Le thème de la conférence qui s’est tenue à Sofia du 18 au 20 mai était «sustainable engineering». Non seulement, les aspects techniques du développement durable ont été abordés mais aussi des sujets variés tel que la diversité et la communication!

J’y ai représenté l’Association Femmes Ingénieurs.

D’abord, nous avons eu un discours d’ouverture du colloque de la part de Mme la Ministre de l’enseignement bulgare, un discours chaleureux et plein de sens. Le président de la FNTS nous a également éclairé par son discours sur l’essor de l’ingénierie et le développement durable.

Ensuite, Rhys Phillips, orateur et porteur d’idées, travaillant chez AIRBUS, nous a parlé de la diversité Homme Femme et le rôle joué par AIRBUS pour la promouvoir. Grace à des résultats scientifiques, processus et recherches conduites par les équipes AIRBUS, Il nous a démontré que:

  • La femme a toute sa place dans le métier d’ingénieur que nous sommes.
  • Deux visions, femme et homme, sont nécessaires pour le développement des compagnies et des sociétés.

J’ai abordé ce sujet également avec d’autres femmes (Allemandes, Bulgares, irlandaises, hollandaises, danoises, suédoises…). Le constat est le même nous sommes minoritaires dans les filières d’ingénierie tel que le numérique/l’IT, le civil… etc.  J’ai également abordé le sujet avec des hommes qui ont manifesté une prise de conscience en encouragent cette diversité avec beaucoup de volonté!

De ce qui précède, on constate que beaucoup d’efforts restent à déployer pour la promotion des femmes dans les domaines scientifiques, notamment l’ingénierie. Le point positif: les deux moitiés de la société en sont conscients! Maintenant continuons le chemin du changement ensemble!

Nous avons également eu l’opportunité de visiter des compagnies bulgares. Pour ma part j’ai visité la société SPESIMA spécialiste des automates…

Etant ingénieur spécialisé dans le domaine du numérique, cela a été fort intéressant pour moi d’apprendre un autre domaine celui de la mécanique et de l’automatisme.

Lectures about sustainable engineering.

Le lendemain matin nous avons eu des workshops intéressants; chaque participant a choisi un workshop différent. Pour ma part, j’ai choisi celui de Rhys Phillips. Il nous a expliqué comment faire son speech pour convaincre l’assistance et l’importance des émotions.

L’après-midi, Mme la ministre a donné une conférence ouverte. Je salue une phrase dans sa réponse à une question que j’ai posée sur la promotion de la diversité en Bulgarie «nous militons pour que le choix des filières scientifiques soit un choix personnel de chaque fille indépendamment des stéréotypes».

Favoriser le choix personnel revient à briser les barrières de la condition féminine ou des stéréotypes véhiculés laissant ainsi à la femme la liberté de choisir, notamment choisir d’être ingénieur et scientifique. La discussion a fini par une poignée de main chaleureuse.

Il va sans dire que les festivités étaient au rendez-vous! La communauté d’ingénieur est sérieuse ceci dit elle sait prendre plaisir au moment opportun!

Nous avons été conviés par la FNTS en soirée de gala et assistés aux belles danses bulgares. Nous avons également découvert la cuisine bulgare… miam!

Nous avons tous et toutes dansés et y avions pris plaisir en mode bon enfant!




The National History Museum of Bulgaria.

Au troisième jour, Kremena, l’organisatrice de cet évènement ainsi que sa team nous ont fait découvrir le musée… Un musée qui porte en lui l’histoire de ce beau pays qu’est la Bulgarie. Une marque d’évolution et d’ouverture d’esprit de cette terre qui a vu passer plusieurs civilisations.

Je suis une femme, j’ai fait une partie de mes études scientifiques au Maroc, je me suis expatriée en France pour la suite de mes études d’ingénieur. En ce colloque, j’ai représenté la France via l’association Femme Ingénieur.

Maintenant, je repars de Sofia riche de belles connaissances de tout l’Europe (Allemagne, Bulgarie, Pays bas, Angleterre, Irlande, Danemark, Suède, Belgique, République Tchèque, Malte, Espagne, Portugal, Hongrie)!

Je repars de Sofia en ayant la conviction que le l’Europe est une belle terre d’accueil pour les talents et espère que cela continue. Que le respect entre les gens se base sur l’échange intelligent.

The Gala Dinner.

Je repars de Sofia avec beaucoup d’espoir quant à l’avenir de l’Europe entre les mains de ces ingénieurs, ces personnes intelligentes et humaines!

N’est-ce pas une belle histoire d’échange, d’humanisme et d’intelligence collective?

Je souhaite le meilleur pour EYE, une association qui va au-delà de l’aspect technique de notre métier. Cette association vise à connecter les gens, créer les connexions humaines , créer une intelligence collective qui permettra notre évolution à toutes et tous, femmes et hommes, ingénieurs et ingénieuses .

Merci Isabelle, Frederik, Victoria, Paula, Pervin, Rhys, Mariska, Kremena, Chris, Mette, Bozo, Nadia, Krassi… la liste est longue et remplie de personnes qui m’ont permis de vivre ces bons moments et nourrir mon esprit en tant que Femme et Ingénieur.

Prochain rendez-vous EYE: Malte le 7 octobre 2018!


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