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The European Young Engineers are constantly growing. Therefore, we also grow the management of this non-profit organization in order to reach our objectives. We hire suitable volunteers as Task Force Members on a rolling basis. Once they are part of the team, they will be acknowledged by the Council during the next Council Meeting. The positions of our Management Board are elected by the Council for one-year-terms. Open positions are announced on this page.  Please contact if you have questions.

Task Force

As a Member of the Task Force you work in one or more departments of the Management of EYE, based on your interests and skills. Onboarding can happen at any time and your term is not limited. Development into other positions is possible. Your time commitment, working hours and location is absolutely flexible. Applications should be directed to or the Vice President of the specific department.

We are currently seeking suitable candidates especially in the following departments:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Member Management
  • External Relations

Management Board

In the next Council Meeting during the EYE@Eindhoven conference, the following positions will be elected for a term of one year (two years in the case of the President). Each position has responsibility for one specific department and requires leadership to succeed. The applications for these positions will open soon. Prior experience in the Task Force or the Council is recommended.

  • President
  • Vice President (Finance)
  • Vice President (Human Resources)
  • Vice President (Member Management)
  • Vice President (Public Policy)
  • Vice President (Conferences)
  • Vice President (External Relations)
  • Vice President (Public Relations)

Peer report about the EYE conference in Bristol

By Orsolya Nagy

Would you like to build international relationship with engineers from foreign countries? Have you ever wondered what kind of research young engineers are involved in in European countries? Would you like to join a foreign spiritual community? Would you like to travel good places where you can enjoy programs that are both technical and cultural at the same time? Would you like to participate in international projects during or after university?

Dear Young Engineers,

The answer to all the above mentioned questions is the European Young Engineers community abbreviated EYE. EYE was founded in 1994 to bring together young engineer organizations, chambers and specialized colleges all around Europe. In this community, engineers can share knowledge. It is great to be a member of EYE because it supports you to be prepared for the rapidly changing European market and to increase international cooperation. Currently, EYE consists of 22 engineering colleges/chambers and more than 150,000 young mixed engineers in the age between 20 and 35 years: civil engineers, supply chain engineers, aircraft engineers, process engineers, IT engineers, and many more. EYE organizes two 3-day conferences each year, which are held each time in another country. The conference is organized jointly by young engineers and national training colleges/national engineering associations in their country, where 80-300 engineers participate.

Ideas are international

The conference in 2017 was from 16 to 18 June and took place in Bristol, England. The motto of this conference was called “Ideas are International”.

On the first day of the conference, we could choose from four different company visits. These included Airbus, where we gained insight about different aircraft units. GKN Aerospace has also shown its operation as the world’s leading technology manufacturer on the aircraft market. The National Composite Center presented the research and development of composite materials, and in Bristol Robotics Lab we gained a brief insight into robot technology research.

© English Heritage/Arcaid Corbis.

The visit was followed by an opening ceremony at the At-Bristol Science Center. The opening ceremony started with the history of the 412m long Clifton Suspension Bridge construction by Civil Engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel opened in 1864.






After the ceremony, we went to the huge grey globe of the museum, where we watched the planets and stars of the galaxy through a virtual tour.





On Saturday, we started the day in the Engineering House in Bristol. The daily event was opened by the award-winning engineer Jessica Leigh Jones. The speech was extremely inspiring for me.




After that, we could choose from several interesting workshops. Piero Vitelli, the English Master of Presentation, helped us solving the problem of how to make effective presentations. In the BIM workshop- Building Information Modelling – we discussed in smaller teams the future potential of today’s technology with Maggie Brown. We heard a presentation about Design Thinking from Rhys Phillips and Mind Mapping from Ruth Walker.

After lunch, we walked across the 150-year-old Clifton Suspension Bridge. In the afternoon, we learned about the impacts of lightning on aircrafts. We were also taught how to represent ourselves during the presentation of Petros Kkolas’s Self Branding for Engineers.





During the afternoon, we were able to join two new start-up projects of our Belgian and Irish colleagues. Within one of this start-up projects, we discussed how to expand the EYE community to collaborate with Asian young engineering societies. In the other start-up project, we discussed how to expand and support the Engineers Without Borders community.

The professional lectures were followed by a gala dinner at the Grand Bristol Hotel Mercure. The evening was opened by a professor from Bristol University. With some magical spells he introduced the beauty of process engineering.

Finally, our Scottish engineering friends teamed up all the participants to dance. For me learning several famous Scottish folk dances was one of the best parts of the evening.

These three days once again gave us unforgettable knowledge, experience and relationships. I would like to thank Chris Waters and the English engineers for the great event.

Finally, dear reader, I would like to summarize the purpose of presenting the organization and the Bristol conference. I would like my generation and the “Z” generation to join and participate in the European Young Engineers organization and events so that you can bring the cross-cultural knowledge to your home.

If you are interested to join EYE, please get in contact with your local engineering society or via our webpage

Orsolya Nagy MSc. Structural Engineer

About the author

I, Orsolya Nagy, am a highly motivated Engineer from Hungary. Over my Engineering responsibilities I support women at my workplace and I am passionate about CSR.

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