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EYE welcomes you in the Netherlands!

Mark your agenda, EYE@Eindhoven19 is coming up! We look forward to welcoming you to Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from 10-12 May 2019 for the 25th anniversary of EYE. Eindhoven is a city in the south of the Netherlands. Known for being a technology and design hub, Eindhoven is the perfect spot for another great edition of a European Young Engineers conference.

To give you the opportunity to get to know typical Dutch engineering we provide you with 3 tracks for this conference.


10. – 12. May 2019

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What will a truck in 2050 look like? What features will it have?
Get a sneak peak of the automotive future with our automotive track!

Dutch people have water in their genes, being their friend and foe.
Learn more about this special relationship and the dutch art of water management.

High tech made in the Netherlands –  high  complexity  systems  that  achieve  high  end  performance.
Sign up for the high tech track to learn more!
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Find out more about Eindhoven on www.thisiseindhoven.com and learn about the variety of activities this city has to offer.


Water management

High Tech


Over 200 trucks per day are manufactured in Eindhoven, the Netherlands has a strong innovative automotive industry. For this track the exploration day will be held at the headquarters and main production plant of DAF Trucks! This central question for this track will be, the truck of 2050. How will it look like? What features will it have? How will it impact our society?

Dutch people have water in their genes, being their friend and foe. Having three major rivers (the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt) running through our country and relatively long coastline (Wadden sea/North Sea) the Netherlands is connected to water everywhere you look. Due to this landscape the Dutch are well know for our water management skills. Some of the world’s best engineering firms in the field of dredging, land reclamation, coastal engineering and other water technology areas can be found in the Netherlands. For the exploration day one of these leading companies will be visited.

It is remarkable that Dutch companies past years have been able to compete globally in manufacturing despite high costs due to extensive regulations, labour and facilities. One of the reasons why can be found in high tech industry around Eindhoven. To differentiate on the global market manufacturing companies have focused on the volatile development and flexible production of high complexity systems that achieve high end performance. Thanks to an ecosystem raised on the foundations of the former Philips imperium tremendous economic growth has taken place and is still going strong. Subscribe to the High Tech track to find out all about it!

The preliminary agenda below will give you an overview of the planned activities. It is subject to frequent changes while we confirm specific workshops and speakers.


Friday – Exploration Day

“Explore society shaping industries, improve your knowledge”

  • Registration
  • Track excursions
  • Onsite sessions
  • Get-together drinks

Saturday – Development Day

“Think about the future society, improve your skills”

  • Opening ceremony
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Young KIVI meetup
  • Council Meeting
  • Gala Dinner

Sunday – Cultural Day

“Enjoy society of today”

  • Closing Ceremony
  • Optional: Cultural programme
  • Optional: Work groups

Premium package

  • conference participation
  • track excursions transportation
  • lunch during the conference days
  • Gala Dinner on Saturday
  • 2 hotel nights (shared room, incl. Breakfast)

Regular price Premium Ticket

member: 199€ (*)

no member: 249€ (**)

Basic package

  • conference participation
  • track excursions transportation
  • lunch during the conference days
  • Gala Dinner on Saturday

Regular price Basic Ticket

member: 125€ (*)

no member: 175€ (**)

* Member of the EYE member organizations. An extensive list can be found here. Proof of membership will be required.

** No member of any EYE member organization or EYE itself. Contact your national engineering association to become a member!


AG  Zaalverhuur Eindhoven

Parklaan 93

5613 BC Eindhoven




Holiday Inn Eindhoven

Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 1

5612 BA Eindhoven




Arrival by plane

Within central Europe you can comfortably travel to Eindhoven by train.

If your home country is further away, you can fly to one of the shown airports by plane and take the train to Eindhoven.

The following train connections are available:

Schiphol Airport (Netherlands) – Eindhoven: ~ 1h 30 min

Dusseldorf Airport (Germany) – Eindhoven: ~ 2h

Brussels Airport (Belgium) – Eindhoven: ~ 2h

Tickets can be purchased on the homepage of the Dutch or German Railways.
Another possibility to travel to Eindhoven is to get on a coach like Flixbus.

The conference EYE@Eindhoven 2019 still has to announce the sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Event please get in touch with the conference organisers.

Karsten Hoekzema


Toon Lamers


Leon Jetten


Merlijn Chardon


Jorrit de Vries


Chris Waters


Frederik Schulze Spüntrup


Victoria Fiebach



The EYE@Eindhoven 2019 conference is organized by the Young KIVI Engineers and the Task Force of the European Young Engineers. It is financed entirely via the non-profit organisation European Young Engineers MTÜ (registered in Estonia). The program of the conference is subject to changes. In case of unforeseen circumstances (breach of sponsorship contracts or insufficient registrations) will be canceled and the ticket fee will be refunded (reduced by the transaction costs).

The EYE Guide to becoming an IoT Expert

February 27, 2018 by Paula Weidinger0

One of the key enablers of Industry 4.0 is the communications technologies that allow users to connect to the many devices that make up cyber-physical systems. These have the catchy name ‘the Internet of Things’ (IoT).

You don’t need to be a Computer Scientists or Network Engineer to understand how IoT will bridge the physical world with the Internet; a systems-wide view will still enable you to talk with confidence about the technologies and societal impact we expect to see emerge over the next few years. We’ve collected some resources that can help you get your head around the core ideas.

The IoT is made up of millions of devices all interconnected, providing information about their status and taking commands over a low-speed, low-power wireless networks. Think of it like the first step towards the ‘grey goo’ that was talked about at the turn of the Millenium! With the world covered in devices capturing data on the status of buildings, the environment, industrial processes and utilities this data can be collected and synthesised – providing us with a better understanding of the world at a system-wide level. Local governments will be able to better assess traffic flows, parking provision and environmental monitoring; businesses can track stock movements and measure fuel efficiency and time management in their fleets; Utilities can use IoT to take meter readings or identify and predict faults in their networks. For the consumer, IoT offers the potential for effortless home automation and costs savings as the products they use become ‘smarter’ and more efficient.

A first reading in IoT and Industry 4.0

If you’d never heard the term ‘Industry 4.0’ before you picked up this issue of EYE Contact you’d do well to begin with a literature review that can cover the key principles, while offering you potential avenues for you to dive deeper into. Audi’s working paper ‘Design Principles for Industrie 4.0 Scenarios’ is a great place to start.

Many of the companies making products that will make up the Internet of Things have whitepapers and infographics detailing where their products fit into the IoT ecosystem; particularly good ones are Cisco’s ‘The Internet of Things: How the Next Evolution of the Internet is Changing Everything’ and Bosch’s series of papers, which range from industrial applications to intelligent business systems.

A burgeoning industry wouldn’t be complete without a raft of pundits; IoT News Network, IoT Weekly News and IoT World News are only a few of the dedicated sites out there aggregating IoT news. Established computing and electronics news outlets also often have IoT and big data sections; The Register and Computer Weekly being more technically aligned, while the likes of Venture Beat and CIO focus on the business side of the industry.

Getting deeper with online courseware

Online courseware is a great resource when looking to diversify your skillset – Coursera offer six-module courses from UC San Diego and UC Irvine called ‘Build your own Internet of Things’ and ‘Create your own Internet of Things Device’ respectively that offer the rigour of an assessed course and industry backing (Qualcomm in the case of the UC San Diego course). These courses have a price associated with each module, but you can enrol for modules without the assessments for free. Related modules that will be of use on cloud computing and cloud networking are also available. Coursera courses are typically flexible in their timing, and you can learn at your own pace.

Future Learn are offering a fee course on IoT in conjunction with King’s College London with the option of a certificate of completion at the end for a small fee. Run much more like a conventional college class, the course lasts four weeks with an expected level of participation each week.

If you’re already familiar with IoT concepts you might want to develop a specific skill or area of knowledge – have a look at MIT’s Open Courseware for access to nearly all of MIT’s college-level class materials, or EdX for classes from a wide range of universities from across the world.

Press the flesh, hit the bricks!

Now you’re on your way to being an IoT expert, why not attend an event where you can get up close and personal with the people who make IoT?

Your first stop will of course be the Hannover Messe during the next EYE Conference! At Hannover you’ll get insider knowledge from the likes of SICK and SmartFactory with the company visits, as well as the chance to roam the fair on Thursday.

Conferences on big data and IoT are also very popular at the moment; many of these are inexpensive or free to attend, and offer you the chance to talk to people developing the enabling technologies or the entrepreneurs planning to make it big with their IoT products and services. If you can’t make it to EYE@Hannover but can get to the UK the M2M World Congress is in London 26 – 27th April and offers speakers from the network providers and operators that hope to enable Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M) using their cellular systems.

In mid-May three events happen simultaneously – the Internet of Things Summit in London, Building IoT in Koln and the International Workshop on IoT 2016 in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia. Check the EYE Webpage for a select calendar of the best free and inexpensive events we can find.

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