April 1, 2016 Paula Weidinger0

If you happen to be a young engineer in the VDI, chances are that in early spring, people will start asking you things like: ’Are you gonna be there, on Thursday?‘ or ‘See you on that Thursday!’. ‘That Thursday’ being the Thursday during Hannover trade fair.

But what’s so special about “that Thursday”?

Well, it’s the day of students and young engineers at the VDI booth on the fair grounds and it is a meeting point for friends from all over Germany. People will flock in by bus, train or individually to meet with peers, take part in special events throughout the fair grounds and finally let the day end in a big party at the VDI booth.

April 1, 2016 Paula Weidinger0

As has happened several times before in our history, great advances in technology begins new phases in industry and manufacturing. We’ve referred to these as the “Industrial Revolutions”, beginning with the mechanisation of manual tasks such as milling and weaving. We now find ourselves at the beginning of a new revolution, the dawn of ‘cyber-physical systems’ and the ‘internet of things’. Information Technology will significantly reduce the effort and cost associated with the management of systems and processes, as well as help prevent waste by ensuring we create and consume only the resources we need, at the correct time.

But if we hastily jump into the ‘cloud’ and begin to rely on these new digital systems too soon, we run the risk that the very systems we employ to help us could be our undoing.