EYE Council

EYE is governed by its Council, which is composed of two representatives from each member association. Between them they decide what the Task Force should focus on between conferences to expand and strengthen the EYE network. Currently their focus has been to formalise the structure of the organisation and help it raise vital funds to continue its work. The Council meets twice a year (usually coinciding with the conferences held that year) in a European city hosted by the young members of one of the member associations.

The EYE Council also has the privilege to welcome new member associations to EYE, by voting on their membership during the meetings. The Council also elect the Task Force, usually from current or former members of the Council – this rule isn’t set in stone however, and some of the most active and impactful members of the Task Force have been relative newcomers to EYE!

Membership of the Council is dependant on the rules of the individual member associations and Council Members are elected usually from the active younger members’ boards of their own associations. If you’d like to become an EYE Council Member speak to your current representatives to learn about the process – many terms are only one or two years long.

Your association is not represented yet?

You are an association that is not represented yet or you are an individual from a country that is not represented in our Council? Reach out to us via [email protected]!

Council Overview

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

German Association of Engineers (VDI)


Established in 1856, the VDI is today the largest engineering association in Western Europe. The role of the VDI in Germany is comparable to that of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in the United States or Engineers Australia (EA) in Australia barring the broader field of work of the VDI. The association promotes the advancement of technology and represents the interests of engineers and of engineering businesses in Germany.

My name is Erik Zipperling and I am the international representative of the 40.000 members of the network of VDI students and young engineers. I was born and raised in the region of Hanover in Germany, where I am still studying in my masters of power engineering. A high degree of social commitment is part of my nature, why I have a multifaceted pool of experience in volunteering. While organizing the conference [email protected] I fell in love with the idea behind the EYE. Therefore my deputy and friend Vincent Nöthen and I are highly involved in making EYE the voice of all young engineers in Europe.

Consejo General de la Ingeniería Técnica Industrial de España

General Council of the Professional Associations of Graduates in Engineering in the industrial Sector and the Technical Industrial Engineers of Spain (COGITI)


Established in 1856, the VDI is today the largest engineering association in Western Europe. The role of the VDI in Germany is comparable to that of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in the United States or Engineers Australia (EA) in Australia barring the broader field of work of the VDI. The association promotes the advancement of technology and represents the interests of engineers and of engineering businesses in Germany.

femme ingénieur

femme ingénieur (FI)

“FI – Femmes Ingénieurs” is an association for women engineers in France.
We have been defending France values in terms of equality between men and wome since 1982! We have since grown up and become the first network of women engineers in France.
Our network of volunteers across France is promoting scientist fields and engineering studies towards young girls; They present their careers and scholarship and explain the daily work of engineers. We are fighting, on day by day basis, against the popular belief stating that engineering jobs are more adapted to men. For that purpose, we also explain to young girls how we conciliate our lives as women and engineers. We also promote gender equality at work and into the board of directors.
We contribute actively in networks and institutions in France and Europe.
My name is Nadia LEMSSOUGUER. Graduated from an engineering school in France (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de CAEN) with a specialization in Payment & Security Area, I have worked for 10 years within different organizations as Project Manager.
I love humanity and believe that the greatest success is to share knowledge and help others succeed in their projects. We grow up when we help others growing up, and we learn when we teach and share our knowledge !
This is why I’m completely engaged as volunteer within FI organization and EYE.
I also evolve in social entrepreneurship and also volunteer as a mathematics teacher.
I am amateur singer too.
I am strong believer of equality in terms of rights between all genders and all human in general.
I wish EYE a great success in its interesting projects especially the ones dealing with human being!
I am happy to be a part of this council.
Федерация на научно-техническите съюзи

Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions (FNTS)


The Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions represents its members to government institutions, NGOs and commercial companies in Bulgaria and abroad. The Federation assists and encourages the creative activity, professional interests and achievements of specialists from science, material production and engineering services.

My name is Nadezhda Kazakova and I am a PhD student in Metallurgical science and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Metallurgic Technologies, Electrical Engineering and Electronics at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia, Bulgaria. My thesis was about Biomass Gasification for Energy Purposes and my field if expertise now is non-ferrous metallurgy. I am part of a team working on solving problems for practical purposes assigned to Non-Ferrous Metal Works.

European Young Engineers Hrvatska

European Young Engineers Croatia (EYE-HR)


Enter description of EYE HR

My name is Marin Dokoza and I am the president of the EYE HR, the Croatian member of the EYE. I live, study and work in Croatia. Currently I am finishing the last year of the transportation engineering Master degree (specialization for Railway transport) at the Faculty of transport and traffic sciences at the University of Zagreb. During my study I worked in Croatia, Austria and Spain, and now I work in the Advisory department in Ernst & Young. In January 2018 I became an official member of EYE on the Luxembourg meeting when Croatia was accepted in the membership. Right now, I am EYE Council member for EYE HR.

Bureau National des Elèves Ingénieurs

National Office of Engineering Students (BNEI)


The BNEI represents all 130,000 engineering students by federating schools pupils of offices, whatever their status (public, private) and their parent ministry (higher education and research, industry, defence, agriculture, culture and communication). 

Founded in 1901, is the only organisation representing engineering students. It is administered and led by student volunteers. Faithful to our values of independence from any political, confessional or trade union ideology, BNEI is positioned solely on the issues of student life, training and professional integration of engineering students, like the BDE and the elected students in central councils of institutions. 

The BNEI is organised into nearly 30 Regional Offices of Pupils Engineers (BREI), thus promoting the sharing of good practices, and taking into consideration issues of policies of sites in student life.

Currently involved in the French National Bureau of Engineering Students (BNEI), I am in charge of Representation : consulting the engineering students on various subjects such as higher education, pedagogy, apprenticeship, international, school merging, is my mission! One of my tasks is also to build strong relations between the students and the French institutions in order to work in the good way.
BNEI, which is the only organization representing French engineering students, is administered and facilitated by volunteers, just like me.
Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other member of BNEI to get more information!

Association Nationale des Étudiants Ingénieurs Luxembourgeois

Luxembourgish National Association of Engineering Students (ANEIL)


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My name is Michel Sun and I’m currently studying Civil Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern in Germany. I’m member of the ANEIL (Association Nationale des Etudiants Ingénieurs Luxembourgeois) committee since 2015. I am glad to represent the all the engineer/sciences students from the little country Luxembourg and that ANEIL is a member of the European Young Engineers. I hope to learn and to share knowledges an gaining as much as possible skills and experiences.

University Engineering Students’ Association

University Engineering Students’ Association (UESA)


The University Engineering Students’ Association represents the interests of the students within the Engineering faculty of the University of Malta. UESA supports students throughout their studies, from organising welcome events at the beginning of term, to running careers events and networking opportunities for students leaving the University.

My name is Michael Brockdorff and I am a Third year Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student at the University of Malta. As to fuel the need to learn more about the life of an engineer in Malta, I joined the University Engineering Student Association (UESA), where I am currently the International Officer for the 2017-18 scholastic year. As a student body UESA does its utmost to present only the best events to other fellow students, be it internationally or locally.

If you have any queries please contact us!

Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs

Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI)


The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) was founded on 31 August 1847 by three engineers under protection of His Royal Highness Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk, Prince of Orange. Nowadays, with over 20,000 members, KIVI is the professional association of engineers in the Netherlands. 

KIVI offers its members: communities for specific and multidisciplinary knowledge; a platform for addressing social challenges; the possibility of branding yourself and giving direction to your career; and opportunities to take your career to the next level.

My name is Toon Lamers and I am a mechanical design engineer at NTS, a high tech machine building company based in Eindhoven the Netherlands. In my spare time I am chairman of Young KIVI Engineers, the young department of the royal society of engineers in the Netherlands. I obtained a masters degree at Twente University, and published a paper about the design of statically balanced compliant mechanisms. During my career I have done some consultancy projects, designed and manufactured my own machines, and worked on the design of a desktop electron microscope.

Studentski elektrotehnički klub i servis Sarajevu

Student Association of Electrotechnics of the University of Sarajevo (STELEKS)


STELEKS is the parent association of students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. It was founded on November 22nd. 1968 as an association of citizens, created to help protect the rights of students during their studies. Over time, this organization gained importance and took the lead in organizing electrical engineering students. Within the framework of STELEKS, various activities of educational, cultural and sports content are organized.

My name is Fuad Hajdarević and I am the international representative of the members of Steleks, the Student Association of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. I was born and raised in  Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegowina, where I am still studying in my masters of electrical engineering. A high degree of social commitment is part of my nature, why I have a multifaceted pool of experience in volunteering. While attending the [email protected] 2012 and organizing the conference [email protected] 2014 I fell in love with the idea behind the EYE. Therefore my deputy and I and my colleagues from Steleks are highly involved in making EYE the voice of all young engineers in Europe.

ie-net ingenieursvereniging vzw

ie-Net Engineeering Association vzw (ie-Net)


ie-Net is the point of contact between engineers, companies, government and educational institutions. It is a dynamic network for civil, bio and industrial engineers in Flanders and Brussels, supporting engineers in the field of education and networking and guiding them at every crossroads in their careers.

My name is Laurens Marijns and I represent ie-net, the Belgian (Flemish) engineering society, within EYE. I joined the youth branch of ie-net back in 2012. This was shortly after I graduated as an Electromechnical Engineer from the University of Ghent. I attended my first EYE conference in 2016, which was hosted at the Hannover fair in Germany. In daily life I work on digitalization projects for a variety of manufacturing companies. I hope to see you soon at one of the EYE conferences!